Hotel on Lake Baikal
«Baikalskaya Solyanka»

Hotel "Baikalskaya Solyanka" on Lake Baikal

About us

The hotel "Baikalskaya Solyanka" is located on the Lake Baikal shore in Noviy Enkhaluk, Buryatia. The distance to the waterline from the hotel is 5 minute of walking.

The hotel provides free parking for the cars. There is indoor swimming pool with jacuzzi in the area of the hotel for additional charge. One can find free terrace with Russian barbecue area.

The area of the hotel has free Wi-Fi. The whole area is under video surveillance.
Twin Standard
Double Standard
Twin Comfort
Double Comfort
Hotel Benefits

Cozy and bright terrace with spacious seating area equipped with Russian barbecue
Swimming pool and jakuzzi

Indoor swimming pool with jacuzzi Sundance SPA Victoria
Finnish sauna up to 125 C with Russian douche bucket and room for relaxation
Conference hall
Просторный удобный круглогодичный зал с возможной арендой медиа-центра
Spacious heated conference hall with media center
Roomy concrete outdoor parking is located inside the area of the hotel, with possibility to park a bus. Parking is monitored by videocamera.

The area of the hotel is fenced and monitored under video security

The hotel gives fast connection Wi-Fi
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17 Lesnaya Ulitsa, Noviy Enhaluk, Buryatia, Russia, 671243